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    Bad Bitch

    Aaliyah Mills Carter has stepped out of her families shadow and is determined to shine on her own. Going to prison and standing trial for a crime she didn’t commit forever changed her life. No longer does Aaliyah have the desire to take the path chosen by her family, instead she wants to be a Boss.

    $15.00 Paperback
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    Baller Bitches The Reunion Volume 4




Bitch Reloaded


Bitch Is Back

bitch is back 2

Queen Bitch

queen bitch 3

Last Bitch Standing

last bitch standing

Bitch A New Beginning


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Boss Bitch

boss bitch

Bad Bitch

bad bitch

Still Baddest Bitch

still the baddest bitch

Bitch The Beginning Of The End

bitch the begining of end