Trife Life 2 Lavish 1&2

Tierra Thompson has a chip on her shoulder and an ax to grind. She was born in the hood, and at twenty-one she has grown tired of calling it home. After hustling and being hustled by the dealers around the way, the hard truth is setting in and Tierra has to decide if she is willing to sell her soul to escape the grittiness of the

Stackin’ Paper 1,2,3&4

Genesis has been dominating the hood by any means necessary since he was released from juvenile detention at the age of eighteen.After grinding in the streets of Philadelphia for years he finally catches a break. Genesis is able to take the drug game to the next level when he starts doing business with a set of treacherous twin sisters in Atlanta.

Baller Bitches Volume 1, 2, 3& 4

Diamond, Kennedy and Blair are back in the final edition of the Baller Bitches Series. In Volume 3 the women have to deal with heartbreak, love and

Power 1&2

Alex and Deion were born in the projects of Atlanta. Their mutual determination to escape their poverty stricken existence fueled a friendship that was unbreakable. But as they grew from to boys to men, the trappings of the streets introduced them to a life of crime and endless money. Those same streets may end up

Dirty Little Secrets, Hooker to Housewife, Superstar

You were introduced to Tyler Blake when she revealed her Dirty Little Secrets. Then you met the femme fatale of all industry chicks, Chantal Morgan…read-more

Drake 1&2

Drake was left for dead but he survived, unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for his fiancé and newborn son. With the help of Cindy he has rebuilt his life but the taste of revenge is still what he craves. But will Drake’s quest for retribution be his ultimate downfall?
Cindy continues to chase the money and power that comes with running the lucrative drug trade