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ISBN: 978-1942217206

Bailey is deeply in love with her boyfriend Dino. She has dreams of being his wife and living happily ever after. But sometimes a man can push a woman too far. When Dino breaks Bailey’s heart, it unleashes a deadly wrath. Bailey seeks the assistance of Shiffon, her down on her luck cousin who is trying to escape her own heartbreak. When these two women come together, and make a deal that’s supposed to benefit them both, their lives will be forever changed. In Episode 1 of Assassins, Be Careful With Me because a heart is very fragile.


2 thoughts on “Assassins Episode 1

  1. I really enjoy this book. I need to know when part 2 will be available. I feel like i read the book too fast so i decided to read it again. I feel like you are teasing us. Its like running out of liquor and all the stores are closed lol. Other than that i enjoyed the book. Cant wait for part 2 to be released.

    1. Janice, you are a MESS!! So happy you’re enjoying the new Assassin series. Episode 3 will be released soon. After Episode 4 then Stackin’ Paper 6 will be released. These chicks were the women Genesis hired in Stackin’ Paper 5.

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