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Angel was left for dead when the person she considered to be her best friend, set off an explosion that could’ve killed hundreds of people. As she struggles to get her personal and professional life back on track, she uncovers the truth that will change everyone’s life forever, including her own. Aaliyah finally embraces Angel as her sister and life seems to be picture perfect as she prepares for her upcoming wedding to the love of her life. But with Justina lurking in the background, determined to not let Aaliyah have her happy ever after ending, will
she make it down the aisle?
In Female Hustler Part 4, friendships are torn apart, new alliances are formed as love and war could potentially tear everyone apart.


2 thoughts on “Female Hustler Part 4

  1. I love reading your books!! You, captivate my attention from , beginning till the end. Thank yu so much. I am a huge fan. It’s such a honor to read any & everything yu come out with. I go to the library here in Toledo, OH. Looking for everything by you. I have almost read everything too.

    1. You’re so sweet Ashley!! Thank you so much!! You know I was born in Toledo, Ohio so I truly appreciate you showing me so much love 🙂

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