ISBN: 978-1942217534

Genesis was willing to do anything to save his daughter but the aftermath will prove fatal. Once taking down Arnez, he is left to go to war with an even deadlier opponent. Maverick makes it his mission to destroy Genesis and everyone he loves. When his plan is set in motion, a trail of dead bodies are left behind.

Caleb is torn between his love for family and the code of the streets. When he is faced with the ultimate betrayal, he has to decide to exact retribution or allow karma to deliver the ultimate consequence.

Amir continues to seek his father’s forgiveness but it proves to be a difficult journey. Genesis isn’t willing to have mercy on his son after his deceit was the catalyst for putting his daughter’s life in jeopardy. When Amir receives his own life changing news, his father is the only one he can turn to. Will Genesis help his son or leave Amir to fend for himself?

In the latest installment of the Stackin’ Paper Series, the game is deadlier than ever. Tomorrow is not promised and all you can ask is when you die, put your money in the grave.


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