Stackin’ Paper Part 6

Genesis was willing to do anything to save his daughter but the aftermath will prove fatal. Once taking down Arnez, he is left to go to war with an even deadlier opponent. Maverick makes it his mission to destroy Genesis and everyone he loves. When his plan is set in motion, a trail of dead bodies are left behind....


So Hood So Rich

Milo is out of the dope game, running a successful Sports Bar & Lounge. But when his close friend is murdered by Midnight, the leader of Dirt Gang Crips, it ignites a gang war that pulls him right back in. Milo partners up with Billy Bob, who committed his first murder when he was only 14 years old while saving Milo’s life...


Assasin Episode 3

Business is booming for Bad Bitches Only. The hired assassins are in great demand. Not only for their ability to kill but also using their beauty as a weapon against their intended targets. But when Bailey becomes bait to lure in their latest victim, is she mentally prepared to go up against the man known as The King?


Assasin Episode 2

Martina and her clique love living the life of attending exclusive industry parties, wearing designer labels and sharing the intimate details of their lives on social media. Their thirst for attention and being in the spotlight seems harmless until it threatens to take down some of the biggest artists on Fortune Five Records. When Bad Bitches ....


Assassins Episode 1

Bailey is deeply in love with her boyfriend Dino. She has dreams of being his wife and living happily ever after. But sometimes a man can push a woman too far. When Dino breaks Bailey's heart, it unleashes a deadly wrath. Bailey seeks the assistance of Shiffon, her down on her luck cousin who is trying to escape her own heartbreak.


Bitch Chronicles

Bitch Chronicles is a Special Collector's Edition of the entire Bitch Series. If you've read Bitch, Bitch Reloaded, The Bitch Is Back, Queen Bitch and Last Bitch Standing, here is an opportunity to have this captivating saga in one book. If you're unfamiliar with the characters...


The Legacy Part 2

The prominent yet deadly Collins family is back in The Legacy Part 2. Patriarch Allen Collins, fights to maintain control over his family but the lengths he's willing to go, might prove detrimental. With betrayal, deception and distrust, it will take more than love, to keep the family close.


Female Hustler 6

Angel and Aaliyah are both in the midst of a storm and their lives will never be the same again. It will take much more than family loyalty to protect the ones you love. Find out how far Precious will go to protect her daughter and what T-Roc is capable of, to save Justina, in Female Hustler Part 6.


Stackin’ Paper Part 5…Stay Schemin’

Genesis and his clique are back in Stackin' Paper Part 5. Amir's deception has made him an outsider to the man he respects the most. Will Father and Son ever see eye to eye again? Supreme, Nico, T-Roc and Lorenzo all team up for the greater good, to put an end to Arnez's reign of terror but is it too little too late?


Female Hustler Full Series

Angel lost the grandmother who raised her and the man who had been her mentor. With so much pain, finding happiness seemed out of reach, until she fell in love with boxing champ Darien Blaze. That romance quickly comes to an abrupt end when the one man she always yearned to have…


Mafia Princess Full Series

The story of a Goon and his Daughter Semaj Richardson was raised by the streets, and her ambition was to own them. Changing foreign whips as she hustles one major drug dealer after another is just a day in the life with her treacherous father as her #1 partner in crime. The devious duo s schemes lead to murder plots and countless setups.


The Legacy

The Legacy introduces you to the very prominent yet deadly, Collins Family. Allen Collins is the head of the drug empire and he grooms both his sons to control it with him.


Stackin’ Paper Part 4

After being torn apart, Genesis and Talisa have finally reunited. Their love has endured many trials and tribulations but can it survive Genesis having a baby with another woman? Skylar’s world came crumbling down


Female Hustler Part 4

Angel was left for dead when the person she considered to be her best friend, set off an explosion that could’ve killed hundreds of people.As she struggles to get her personal and professional life back on track,


Say Hi & Keep In Touch

Baller Bitches The Reunion Volume 4

Diamond, Kennedy and Blair are back in Baller Bitches The Reunion. Diamond’s life seems idyllic. She has two beautiful children. Is married to NBA Superstar, Cameron Robinson and the love they share seems to have no limits.


Men Of The Bitch Series And The Women Who Love Them

Before their greatest loves, Supreme, Nico, T-Roc, Lorenzo and Genesis had other women that loved them too. Follow the journey of these men and see how the impact of their previous relationships changed their lives forever. And how it became a catalyst to them finding their true loves in Men Of The Bitch Series And The Women Who Love

Coke Like The 80’s

Malik Toole rose to the top of the drug game in the 80s-selling cocaine when the crack cocaine epidemic hit. He took everything he learned from being born and raised in the streets to become a millionaire by the time he was eighteen years old. It wasn’t until he met

Bitch The Final Chapter

In the last installment of the Bitch Series, lives will forever be changed. Precious and Aaliyah are left fighting for their lives. Will mother and daughter survive or has their luck run out. Maya has wrecked havoc for years, never being held accountable for her actions. Will she be able to continue down her road of destruction or does her reign of terror finally come to an

Female Hustler Part 3

Angel is out for blood after Darien is left for dead on their wedding night. Believing the person responsible for her husband s demise is none other than Nico Carter, she orders a hit on him. Will Angel realize Nico is her father before it is too late or will he die without her ever knowing the truth? read-more

Stackin’ Paper Part 3…Born Sinners

Genesis has spent his entire life fighting the demons of his past. Finally when he found the inner peace that always seemed to elude him tragedy strikes once again. With the potential of spending the rest of his life in prison and never reuniting with his wife again, Genesis will need the help of everyone who cares about him to ever be

Bitch The Beginning Of The End

In Bitch The Beginning Of The End, the walls are closing in on Aaliyah, Precious and everyone they love. As enemies make their move, no one knows who to trust or who is trying to set them up. When the line is drawn, who will live and who will die. Find out in the... read-more

Female Hustler 5

Aaliyah finally embraces Angel as her sister and life seems to be picture perfect as she prepares for her upcoming wedding to the love of her life. But with Justina lurking in the background, determined to not let Aaliyah have her happy ever after ending, will she make it down the aisle?


Lovin' Thy Enemy

Charly, is the only daughter of notorious gangster Charlie Brinks. Following in her father’s footsteps, Charly carves out her own reputation in the streets, as a woman to be respected and feared. She has no problem keeping her emotions in check and everything strictly business until the love of her life reappears and turns her world upside down.


The Legacy (Full Series)

The Legacy introduces you to the very prominent yet deadly, Collins Family. Allen Collins is the head of the drug empire and he grooms both his sons to control it with him. He wants to create a legacy for his family that will continue on from generation to generation. But in Allen's quest to leave a legacy...


Bitch The Beginning


Bitch Reloaded


Bitch Is Back

bitch is back 2

Queen Bitch

queen bitch 3

Last Bitch Standing

last bitch standing

Bitch A New Beginning


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Boss Bitch

boss bitch

Bad Bitch

bad bitch

Still Baddest Bitch

still the baddest bitch

Bitch The Beginning Of The End

bitch the begining of end