Welcome to the world of Joy Deja King, a renowned author known for her captivating storytelling in the romance, urban fiction and drama genres. With multiple bestsellers to her name, her unique and compelling writing style offers readers a glimpse into a world of unforgettable stories. Dive into her work and get lost in the complexities of love, relationships, and human nature.

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The Legacy Part III

Deadly Divorce

Stackin' Paper VII

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Read The Entire Bitch Series In This Order

Bitch The Beginning

Bitch Reloaded Part 02

The Bitch Is Back Part 03

Queen Bitch Part 04

Stackin' Paper

Trife Life to Lavish

Stackin' Paper Part 02

Last Bitch Standing

Trife Life to Lavish Part 02

Rich or Famous

Bitch A New Beginning

Boss Bitch

Bad Bitch

Rich of Famous Part 02

Still The Baddest Bitch

Female Hustler

Nico Cater: Men of The Bitch Series

Rich or Famous Part 03

Female Hustler 02

Bitch The Beginning of The End

Supreme: Men of the Bitch Series

Bitch The Final Chapter

Female Hustler 03

Stackin' Paper 03

Men of The Bitch Series and The Women Who Love Them

Female Hustler 04

Stackin' Paper Part IV

Female Hustler 05

Stackin' Paper Part V

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