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  • https://t.co/EgUDiSFlKw
    8 months ago
  • Toxic...A Titillating Tale https://t.co/EcVJgjuL9g https://t.co/ew7eCkFgNI
    8 months ago
  • I'm discussing “TI says allegations are Egregious. I say not so fast” with @KElliott4real, Tara Powell, and… https://t.co/KFS0Xx6J4j
    9 months ago
  • I'm discussing “Why are Black women offended by the word bitch?” with @KElliott4real, @Blakekarrington, and… https://t.co/xkHfVPxn1G
    9 months ago
  • Black Friday Sale Starts Now...Happy Thanksgiving!!?? https://t.co/JhBb9R7eBK https://t.co/2g228HCUt5
    11 months ago
  • The audacity of @TomCottonAR to say Jack Dorsey looked like a homeless Antifa Protester on @FoxNews. Tom Cotton is… https://t.co/W3msuWXo8p
    12 months ago
  • Holiday Sale Starts NOW!! https://t.co/YyFNhnJbo3 https://t.co/LFNRLePibJ
    2 years ago
  • Black Friday Sale NOW!! https://t.co/0ep91MxPQq https://t.co/jVRrszEHdb
    2 years ago
  • Happy Thanksgiving My Loves!! https://t.co/tGyZwx9NuC https://t.co/u0IEZ52Y0F
    3 years ago
  • The Legacy Part 2 Now Available!! https://t.co/702pzgwDUP https://t.co/RU1zZpYy72
    3 years ago

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