Detroit, a city that had been on the brink of destruction but was finally showing strong signs of a resurgence, has been brought to a standstill. But it was not due to gang wars or an opioid epidemic. It was a threat that no one would even see coming. A silent beast that does not discriminate between rich or poor. Once it begins to swiftly spread through the city of Metro Detroit, no one will be left unscathed. It will wreak havoc, and merge the worlds of the haves and have-nots.

Isaac Parnell appears to have it all. He is one of the most respected and influential men in the state of Michigan. As a pastor and televangelist of a megachurch in the heart of Detroit, he has been put on a pedestal. Adored by many, especially Mira Clark, who has been a faithful member of his congregation for years. Mira is part of the have-nots. A hardworking grandmother, raising her teenage grandson Chauncey, in a poverty stricken neighborhood. Mira is struggling to survive financially, while fighting to keep her grandson from becoming another statistic, in a city riddled with crime and violence.

The city of Detroit is under siege, and no one is immune when this deadly and highly contagious virus lands on the city’s doorstep. With the potential to destroy an already fragile city, no one can predict when this crisis will end. Who will live and who will die? Find out in Contagious…A Nightmare is Looming.

3 Part short story inspired by the Coronavirus…Join us for the discussion on Zoom


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