Rich Or Famous Full Series

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Rich Or Famous

What if you had a choice to be either rich or famous: which one would you choose? That had always been a simple answer for Lorenzo; money and he could never seem to make enough of it. Growing up, always desperate for a dollar made him cold and calculating. Being rich was his only objective in life until he met Dior. Dior is shallow and superficial...

Rich Or Famous Part 02

Lorenzo is able to get out of jail after his powerful team of lawyers beat his drug case. But that does not stop him from searching for Alexus, who he believes set him up. As his drug empire grows he continues to maintain a very lucrative business relationship with Phenomenon, who has become one of the biggest names in the music industry...

Rich Or Famous Part 03

Dior is on the verge of reaching the fame she always dreamed of but her heart is torn between love and stardom. Lorenzo finally has Dior back in his life. But between maintaining his lucrative drug operation, building his legal empire and letting go of the only other woman that had his heart, Precious Cummings, sustaining his relationship with Dior may prove to be difficult...


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