Stackin’ Paper Full Series

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Stackin' Paper

Genesis has been dominating the hood by any means necessary since he was released from juvenile detention at the age of eighteen.After grinding in the streets of Philadelphia for years he finally catches a break. Genesis is able to take the drug game to the next level when he starts doing business with a set of treacherous twin sisters in Atlanta. From the east to the west coast every dough boy respects his name, but his ambitions have superceded pushing drugs...

Stackin' Paper Part 02

In Stackin Paper 2, Genesis is out for blood and redemption. He’s on a mission to get retribution on the person responsible for murdering his best friend and to make it back to the love he left behind, Talisa. But as he closes in on his enemy the Feds begin closing in on him...

Stackin' Paper Part 3...Born Sinners

Genesis has spent his entire life fighting the demons of his past. Finally when he found the inner peace that always seemed to elude him tragedy strikes once again. With the potential of spending the rest of his life in prison and never reuniting with his wife again, Genesis will need the help of everyone who cares about him to ever be free...

Stackin' Paper Part 04

After being torn apart, Genesis and Talisa have finally reunited. Their love has endured many trials and tribulations but can it survive Genesis having a baby with another woman? Skylar’s world came crumbling down when she realized Genesis’s heart belonged to another woman but the birth of their child renewed her hope, their love could be rekindled. Will the daughter they share bring Genesis and Skylar closer or break their bond forever?

Stackin’ Paper Part 05…Stay Schemin’

Genesis and his clique are back in Stackin' Paper Part 5. Amir's deception has made him an outsider to the man he respects the most. Will Father and Son ever see eye to eye again?

Stackin' Paper Part 06

Genesis was willing to do anything to save his daughter but the aftermath will prove fatal. Once taking down Arnez, he is left to go to war with an even deadlier opponent. Maverick makes it his mission to destroy Genesis and everyone he loves. When his plan is set in motion, a trail of dead bodies are left behind...


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